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Animal testing does happen in Canada – and it is very secretive. Many animals are bred for just this purpose and spend their lives confined, being injected and otherwise exposed to dangerous chemicals. Aside from the physical effects, this causes PTSD and anxiety.

Animals are not humans. Over 90% of drugs fail even though they are considered safe and treatments are lost because the animal response does not mirror the human response.



  1. (of cosmetics or other commercial products) manufactured or developed by methods that do not involve experimentation on animals.

Becoming cruelty free is a mission and a statement. It requires intention and research and is a process that is 100% worthwhile. When you start your cruelty free journey, you are making a statement with your earnings.

A powerful way to initiate and make change

Here are two important questions to ask so that YOU can decide what you are willing to accept:

  1. Is this company certified cruelty free (in other words have they been accredited by a reputable external body)?
  2. Is the company owned by another company who may or may not be cruelty free?

The great thing about what seems a daunting and sometimes confusing process is that a number of companies have made it easier.

Click on the links below and start your own journey to compassionate shopping. This is a great way to stop funding companies who test on animals and support The Beagle Alliance in their ultimate vision, which is to one day see the end of animal testing across the globe.

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