The CCAC’s recent end-of-study care draft states: “Institutions may re-home healthy animals used in science by moving them to a non-scientific environment, such as a private residence or animal sanctuary.”


We invite you to work with The Beagle Alliance to re-home your eligible animals.


PHOTO CREDIT: Artem Beliaikin

Do you work in a Research Facility?

Do you have animals you are ready to release?

We are ready to take in your animals and place them in loving homes. 

We work directly with facilities, from private laboratories to major research universities, and have years of experience placing former research animals into forever homes.

PHOTO CREDIT: Artem Beliaikin


How We Assist


We are prepared to enter into a signed confidentiality agreement with your facility. Your company name, type of research, individual names, location, or any other identifying information will not be divulged by us to anyone outside of our organization.

No Financial Burden

There is no cost to you for releasing your animals to The Beagle Alliance for placement in homes.

We cover all costs from transport to supplies needed to any needed veterinary care.


We arrange and pay for all transport of the animals from your facility to us. We will work with you to arrange a time and place, either at your facility or another agreed upon location – across the entire country of Canada.


We have a large network of ready and willing and fully vetted foster and adopter homes across Canada, so we can facilitate the release of one animal or many!

Assistance for Shelters

Many former research animals end up at shelters, either directly from the laboratory or by owner surrenders when people adopt an animal and then find they’re not prepared for the special needs of a former research animal.

We work with shelters across Canada, not only for former research animals. Please contact us for special medical needs and seniors who are languishing at your shelter with no rescue or adoption interest.

We have a large network of at-the-ready foster homes and adopters across the country!

Frequently Asked Questions

Release FAQ

Do you only take in young or adult animals?

We are happy to take in any aged animal. We have fosters and adopters who are happy to give a home to a senior animal!

Do you take in animals with special needs, medical and/or behavioral?

Yes, and age is of no issue.

Do you only take in dogs and cats?

We are focused on placing former research dogs and cats in forever homes but please do contact us if you have other species you’re ready to release and we will try to help.

Are beagles the only breed of dog you will take in?

No. We will take in any breed of dog.

Are all the animals checked out by a vet before adoption?

Yes, all of our animals have at least one wellness check by a veterinarian and will receive any needed treatment or surgeries prior to adoption.

Are all of your adoptable animals posted on your website and on social media?

Generally, most of our animals are published on our website and shared on social media but exceptions are made where confidentiality is necessary and we will sign an NDA if it is required by a facility.

We don’t want our animals shared on social media. Will you agree to that?

We don’t divulge the name of the lab or the location, or even the specific date of the rescue, but, if required, yes, we will agree to not post your animal on social media.

What is your adoption process?

Our adoption process includes a phone interview, a virtual homecheck, reference and vet checks. Please visit here for more information on our adoption process.

How long before the animal will be adopted?

We don’t set a strict time limit on the foster period and ask our fosters to commit to at least four weeks to give the animal time to decompress and start learning from the other dogs in the home.

Do you really think laboratory animals can be re-homed?

YES! We have years of experience and many dogs and cats as proof that we KNOW these animals can adjust and adapt to life outside of the laboratory and live happy and healthy lives!

How do I contact you about releasing animals to you?

You can email us confidentially here.

Please note, for your peace of mind, you may contact us anonymously.

PHOTO CREDIT: Artem Beliaikin

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