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As you can probably tell, we LOVE to talk about all things ANIMALS so feel free to reach out! We are experts in animals with PTSD, anxiety and other special needs, as well as the gifts of forgiveness and resilience that they offer us humans!

We’re here to answer any questions about alternatives to animal use in science and in research, doing less harm, and living cruelty-free – we are eager to hear your thoughts and ideas, too.

Work in a laboratory, facility or school anywhere in Canada and feel the need to be discreet? Know of animal abuse or neglect or have any contacts or information you would like to share? LEARN MORE

Frequently Asked Questions
Does animal testing happen in Canada?
Yes, animal testing goes on in all of Canada with minimal, if any regulations. We believe that science is vital and advocate for research without animal use. Currently the Canadian Council on Animal Care (CCAC) is the national organization responsible for setting and maintaining standards for the ethical use and care of animals in science, however this is a voluntary body that perpetuates use of animals in science and research.
What is The Beagle Alliance?
The Beagle Alliance is a CRA registered Canadian charity whose goal is to provide freedom, care and a forever home to animals used in experimental research and situations of abuse and neglect, including pound release, puppy mills, and senior abandonment.

These precious survivors are forgiving and resilient and are teachers to us all, bringing their own awareness about community (sweet little pack animals) and caring – in a holistic way. The Beagle Alliance is also an advocacy organization that will educate and advocate for alternatives to animal use in science, and for living a cruelty free life, making the world safer for both animals and humans.

What kinds of animals does The Beagle Alliance rescue?

The Beagle Alliance will offer a second chance at life to dogs, cats and farm animals used in experimental research and situations of abuse and neglect, throughout all provinces, territories and the the midwest U.S.

How do rescues work?

The Beagle Alliance will also rescue dogs in shelters subject to pound release as well as seniors in high kill shelters. BFC will liaison with law enforcement, professional contacts in research and science, shelters and whistleblowers in order to identify survivors needing rescue and care.

If you are aware of animal abuse, neglect or abandonment and need to be discreet, please do not hesitate to contact us at We would like to help!

Why are beagles the breed of choice for laboratory experiments?

Beagles are the primary breed of dog used in research because they are friendly, don’t bite back, and are forgiving.

What can fosters and adopters expect from an animal survivor of abuse and cruelty?
Each animal is different; however, most survivors suffer from varying degree of anxiety and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Usually, they are not house-trained or leash trained and act “puppy-like” regardless of their age. They have never learned how to be a dog and do not even know how to play.
We walk fosters and adopters through the process and provide available resources, information and tips, as well as 24 hour support. So many things!
What can I do to help?
  1. Start by learning about living a cruelty free lifestyle and doing less harm. Research and do without all companies that contribute to animal use in research.
  2. Sign up to foster and adopt an animal who deserves a second chance. We plan to be rescuing animals in every part of the country and in the midwest U.S. and will need fosters sometimes with only 48 hours notice. This means The Beagle Alliance will need a list of supporters ready and willing to open their homes and their hearts.
  3. Please support us by volunteering. We want to let all of Canada know we are here with information, education and fundraising.
  4. Share our social media posts and stories to help spread the word.
  5. Finally, The Beagle Alliance is a CRA registered charity BN 70504 2679 RR0001. This effort to help animals can only exist with public financial support. Please consider making a donation – check out Ways to Donate.

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