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Saving Animals, Creating Families & Building Community

Our Story

We’re a small team, tiny but mighty, and our sole purpose and passion is to give animals a second chance at life – beyond research, beyond abuse, beyond neglect. At the same time we are dedicated to educating and advocating for alternatives to animal use in science and in research and promoting cruelty free living.

Our life-giving rescue work can happen anywhere – across all of Canada and parts of the U.S. – and at any time. We don’t punch in at 9 and out at 5; we do what we do 24/7. Rescue work and advocacy never stop and DOGS KNOW NO BORDERS!

TBA Team

Executive Director:

Lori Cohen

Rescue and Volunteer Director:

Mary Pryor

Social Media Manager:

Dani Montalto

Webmaster, Graphics, IT:

Bea Nicholson

The Beagle Alliance Board Members

Lori Cohen – CHAIR

Toula Papagiannopoulos – SECRETARY

Brandy Cudmore Mann – TREASURER

Carla Cesaroni

Colleen Eckstrand

Kelly Alexander

Andrew Fenton



Kathy Meyer

Mary Pryor

Bea Nicholson


What Drives Us

Our Mission

The Beagle Alliance is a CRA Registered charity whose mission is to give animals used in experimental research and situations of abuse and neglect, a second chance at life, and advocating for non-animal use in science. We endeavour to build a cruelty free conscious community whose desire is to make the world safer for both animals and humans.

Our Vision

To see the end of animal testing.

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We absolutely cannot do this without generous people like you!

PHOTO CREDIT: Artem Beliaikin

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