Giving Tuesday November 28, 2023

The Beagle Alliance

I was Bought and I was Sold

A Poem by Leo

I was bought and I was sold
Now I run and will grow old

Forced, handled, and sometimes shoved,
Now I’m free and safe and loved

Tubes and needles inside a cage
I want to trust and not to rage

With no desire to ever live
Here I am ready to forgive

Now that I’ve been given a voice
I ask for you to make a choice

There are others just like me
Locked away and left unseen

Because of you,
I was bought and I was sold

Because of you,
I’ve now grown bold

Take your freedom and choose to be
The very human who sets them free!

My name is Leo.
I survived. I am a survivor.

Thanks to you.

Leo was one of the sweet beagles rescued by The Beagle Alliance and our rescue partners in 2023 – so many more need your help!

Your donation will help an Animal Testing Survivor have a second chance.

“Just Released”

Foster Pack

Toys, Collars, Leashes

“I’ll be ok”

Wellness Check

A once over by the Vet

“Sweet Freedom”

Transporting Survivors from facilities to safety


The Road to Forever

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Thank you again for your tremendous support of our mission on behalf of the animals in research.

PHOTO CREDIT: Artem Beliaikin

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