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Free Falling Rescue

Date: Sept 18, 2023

3 Beagles rescued from Laboratory Testing Facility

CBS News Minnesota was on site to witness the release of three survivors from laboratory testing. READ THE FULL STORY

Welcome to Freedom: Beagles rescued from animal testing lab in US get new lease on life in Canada

Three beagles who spent their entire lives in a laboratory in the United States got a new lease on life after they were rescued from captivity and transported to Canada, where they were adopted. READ THE FULL STORY

USA Today interviewed Lori Cohen, Executive Director of The Beagle Alliance READ THE FULL STORY

3 Beagles rescued from Laboratory Testing Facility

Canadians are welcoming three more survivors of animal testing into The Beagle Alliance rescue. They will be fostered until they find their forever home.

Our core belief is that these animals are made for more than research. They are not test subjects. They are living beings who are meant to explore the world and have families who cherish and love them.

Thank you to our supporters and volunteers who helped to bring these boys to freedom.

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PHOTO CREDIT: Artem Beliaikin

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