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Cosmetic Testing on Animals BANNED in Canada

Bunny used for cosmetic testing

UPDATE: June 27, 2023

Health Canada Announces the End of Cosmetic Animal Testing in Canada (News Release)

In January of 2023 the Globe and Mail announced that Canada was “poised” to ban the testing of cosmetics on animals, including animal tested ingredients. Also being pushed forward is a plan to “outlaw” the sale of cosmetics that were tested on animals.

This is a good sign, not only in and of itself but in that this announcement brings further awareness to the fact that Canada is behind in its laws and regulations surrounding animal welfare, specifically animals in research.

Bill S-214 the Cruelty Free Cosmetics Act  was introduced but died in 2019 when Parliament was dissolved. This announcement is simply that – for now – it is still vitally important that as a community our voices are heard.

As a point of interest, Health Canada lists many known to be safe ingredients that require zero testing for use in cosmetics. These are the ingredients we as humans would most lean to for our own safety and therefore choosing products with pure ingredients that do not require animal testing benefits both humans and animals.

More than 40 countries have already banned testing of cosmetic products on animals, including Britain and several U.S. states.

Health Canada states that “The Department is developing a proposal to ban cosmetic testing on animals and continues to support the development and use of alternative methods to animal testing for other products or uses.”

According to the Cosmetic Alliance (CA), the proposed policy is based on three points:

  1. It should align with the ban of cosmetics animal testing in the European Union (EU).
  2. It should fit and be workable within the Canadian regulatory framework.
  3. It should be drafted by Health Canada.

In the meantime, The Beagle Alliance will continue to ask laboratories in Canada to release animals into our care so that they may be rehabilitated and live the rest of their lives in freedom and with the love and care they deserve.


Animal Justice has put together a letter to the Health Minister so that all Canadians who support the end of cosmetic testing on animals have a voice. We ask that you use this opportunity so that this bill becomes law.

PHOTO CREDIT: Artem Beliaikin

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