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Boris Needs Your Help

Date: February 5, 2024

Boris spent his first years in a laboratory testing facility before being adopted. Sadly much of his health issues are related to severe neglect.

Boris has a heart murmur. He has a mass under his front leg is what’s affecting his ability to walk. HE WILL NEED A BIG SURGERY.


He has another mass in his groin, next to his penis, which also affects his walking.

A third mass has been found under his front paw.

There are so many other masses, just not as big.

Boris also has a metal object in his stomach, how long it’s been there, we can’t say.

He has a double ear infection and a very infected tooth that needs to come out asap.

We are waiting on blood results. He will need a biopsy.

We are going to do everything possible for Boris – surprisingly his prognosis is good.

Boris is literally a walking – although sadly with a limp – example of the resilience and gentleness of a dog – a dog who has not been shown love in a way we could hope for.

And yet – BORIS!


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PHOTO CREDIT: Artem Beliaikin

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