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2023 – A Year in Review

The work of The Beagle Alliance is to find loving homes for animals in research and to advocate for non-animal use in science and to bring a community together to make a difference for animals in Canada.

In 2023 we attended some of the most significant animal advocacy events in our province and in our country:

  • In May we showcased The Beagle Alliance at Humane Canada’s Summit for Animals in Victoria, BC.
  • We attended the 12th World Congress on Alternatives to Animal Use in the Life Sciences held in Niagara, Ontario in August.
  • The Winnipeg Humane Society hosted “The Reality of Animal Testing in Canada” and invited Lori Cohen, Executive Director of TBA and Dr. Charu Chandrasekera, Founder of the Canadian Centre for Alternatives to Animal Methods to speak in November.
  • In 2023 we spoke again at the North American Animal Law Conference hosted by Animal Justice and rallied a community to come together to open the cage doors.

In 2023, we asked all parties within the government to hear us. We spoke at the “Vote Animal” Rally on the grounds of the Manitoba Legislature in September.

In June 2023, we were witness to history being made when Health Canada announced the end of Cosmetic Animal Testing in Canada.

We educated and shared information about cruelty free living and started working on our own program for the students who will become the future scientists, advocates, consumers, and lawmakers.

And in 2023, at the heart of our mission, we helped save many former research beagles. And placed them in loving homes – where they continue to thrive.

In 2023 once again, we created families and we expanded our village.

In 2023 we laid the foundation for a story. A story that proves these beautiful dogs can go on to live more years outside of the cage than inside.

And once again – just in time for the holidays – a gift – four former research animals will be released to us in early 2024. While we advocate for release in Canada, we say YES to those dogs who need us to help NOW.

In 2023, lives were saved and the Beagle Alliance became a little bit louder and a little bit bolder.

PHOTO CREDIT: Artem Beliaikin

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